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At Ki Group we are dedicated hands on manufacturer´s representative specialized in sales of semiconductors, electronic components and solutions within the Mexican electronics design and manufacturing sector.

Mexico is now the leader in LATAM and positioned second in North America for manufacturing and design in hardware and software as well as fulfillment. The trend is for steady growth over the next decade, disbarring China, Korea and other manufacturing countries in Asia as well as in Europe.



We work on synergistic level making sure each socket opportunity includes all possible chips and product. We are backed up by over twenty years of sales experience in the marketplace and are validated by the Electronic Representative Association-ERA- as an international representative.

Our go to market strategy differs from most representatives in that we target our opportunities by segment; actively pursuing opportunities in the industrial, whitegoods, automotive, lighting, aerospace and medical sectors while approaching uncommon and untapped emerging segments.

Following the lead of our customer base which is a hybrid of EMS, OEM and ODM customers located throughout Mexico, we also offer MRO, industrial security products, brand positioning and IC programming value added services. And, will be adding to this division with aftermarket services upholding environmentally safety certifications and international agreements.

Our long term relationships with customers and knowledge of their needs allow us to access critical information needed to obtain healthy and prosperous growth for our partners. Our organization is nimble and hands on which permits focus follow up and a quick turnaround time with no distractions.

We are here to generate continuous success and growth for our manufacturers and offer top quality service to our customers creating the proverbial win-win outcome.








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